IL-DI-67 Ltd. - Burgas

IL-DI-67 Ltd. is a construction and assembly company, registered in 2006 in Burgas as a completely private company.
The company deals with the construction and / or repair of industrial sites, manufacture and installation of metal structures, tanks and silos, plumbing, pipelines and air ducts, electrical and mechanical installation, construction and repair of lifting equipment and other industrial projects.

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Highly qualified specialists in the following fields: machine fitters, electricians, welders (including electric welders, oxygenists and argonists) and technical managers.
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Professional liability insurance of the participants in the design and construction, certificate from SAMTS for maintenance, repair and reconstruction of SPO, certificate from BCC FIRST GROUP - fourth and fifth category, FIFTH GROUP.
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When implementing multiple projects simultaneously, IL-DI-67 Ltd. has the opportunity to increase its staff using the highly qualified workforce of partner companies.

Clients and partners