IL-DI-67 Ltd. - Burgas

IL-DI-67 Ltd. is a construction and assembly company, registered in 2006 in Burgas as a completely private company.
The company deals with the construction and / or repair of industrial sites, manufacture and installation of metal structures, tanks and silos, plumbing, pipelines and air ducts, electrical and mechanical installation, construction and repair of lifting equipment and other industrial projects.

"IL-DI-67" Ltd. is a company that continuously improves its resources - renewal of equipment and facilities, improvement the qualification of its staff and monitoring of the correct suppliers.

"IL-DI-67" Ltd. maintains an average number of core staff of 30 people. The company has at its disposal highly qualified specialists in the following areas: machine installers, electricians, welders (including electricians) welders, oxygenists and argonists), specialists, technical managers and others support staff. All welders have certificates for welding pipes and TUF certificates of "Verification" Bulgaria.

The company "IL-DI-67" has professional liability insurance for participants in design and construction, certificate from SAMTS for maintenance, repair and reconstruction of SPO, certificate from BCC FIRST GROUP-fourth and fifth category, FIFTH GROUP.

In case of implementation of multiple projects simultaneously, "IL-DI-67" Ltd. has the opportunity to increase its staff using highly qualified labor of partner companies or by hiring targeted workers to complete certain projects.

Safety and health at work are important topics that we are always on paid the necessary attention. Therefore, all workers are provided with the necessary work clothes, shoes and personal protective accessories.

Environmental protection is another major priority in the company's activities, which is realized as in raising the technological level of the implemented objects, as well as in the course of their realization.

The main values ​​for us are the quality of the offered services and the development of loyal relationships with all our partners. "IL-DI-67" Ltd. exists for to offer high quality services at competitive prices according to the required best standards.

The company strives to meet the needs of its customers in a way that they expect it to be done, establishing itself as a modern company ready to face its Western European competitors.

Since 2006 the company has been actively involved in the repairs and capital construction of "Kronospan Bulgaria" installation of the new production lines "Chipboard" and "LAMINATE" / installation of hydraulic presses, production and installation of: roller conveyors, redlers, rubber belt conveyors, augers, tanks and other machines and equipment.

The company "IL-DI-67" participates in the repairs and capital construction of LUKOIL NEFTOCHIM BURGAS as a contractor for: 1. "BALKANI-LK" repair of Catalytic Cracking S-300 / dismantling and installation of pumps, replacement of high pressure pipelines, cutting of fittings in a column, replacement of fittings and PPCs and others. Reconstruction and modernization of AD-5 and VDM-1 / disassembly and assembly of level measuring chambers, replacement of pipelines and installation of heating. Reassembly according to isometric schemes of technical equipment of Isomerization installation

Capital construction:
1. Sulfuric Acid Alkelation / installation of: level gauges, pipelines, fabrication and installation of metal structure for cable route, installation of power lighting and grounding installation, construction and installation of special elements SP-015 and SP-016 fittings and instrument panel. MDEA regeneration / installation and equipment of: column service sites, instrumentation and grounding.
2. "PMU" repair of: Bitumen installation, HO-1 and HO-3. Reconstruction and modernization of field instrumentation of VDM-1 and VDM-2 / installation and connection of instrumentation, level meters, flow meters, valves, pressure and temperature sensors.
3. "AKZ Burgas" repair of production TSNP and repair of Catalytic Cracking S- 200 and C-300 replacement of high pressure pipelines, repair of heat exchangers, columns, installation of flow meters, repair of torch and torch line.

The company "IL-DI-67" participates in the installation and assembly of the equipment of the machines and WWTP facilities in the city of Burgas, Meden Rudnik complex, WWTP, Popovo, WWTP Sevlievo and WWTP Radnevo as a contractor of the Austrian company GINZLER and GIS Aqua Bulgaria EOOD.

Our company has a contract "BMF Port Burgas" for repair and maintenance of Rubber belt conveyors for loading ships with grain at the site "Port West" Burgas 24 KM, reconstruction and modernization of metal roof, construction of ports equipment and repair of lifting equipment.
We won a public tender for "Maintenance and repair of electrical crane with a lifting capacity of 5 t.

In 2018, Distmann Energoremont Holding AD invited us to participate in overhaul in "Lukoil Neftochim Burgas" repair of inst. Gas Sulfur 3 and "Disassembly, assembly and connection Compressors VK5 and VK6" in inst. ACC 1.
We participated in "Installation of pipelines to pumps and drums of Kotel-Utalizator in installation AD 4 in Lukoil Neftochim Burgas as a subcontractor of Energoremont Varna "

District heating: 1. Installation of a dielectric connection at a gas control point.
2. Fabrication and installation of elements and units for reconstruction of a hopper for feeding fuel straw to the boiler to burn biomass.
3. Reconstruction of bunker and movable floors for supply of boiler AK 14 with biomass
4. Installation activities for Boiler№4 and its facilities, in connection with reconstruction and installation of a grill for burning biofuel We have a contract for maintenance and repair of 32t gantry crane and 12.5t gantry crane "DESPRED" branch Burgas.

Production of metal halls and metal houses

“I approach every client with due care with a clear desire to satisfies its minimum requirements in terms of what we have done with one the only goal is for the client to recognize his work, if he had the time and opportunity to do it alone! ”
- Iliya Dimitrov, manager of the company